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Why use a high commission New Jersey Realtor when you can work with a discount Realtor and save money?

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$12,600 commission rebate at closing.

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Do you want to save thousands of dollars on your next home purchase?

Are you interested in new construction?

Are you doing most of your own home buying research without a real estate agent?

Are you willing to drive to open houses and look at homes yourself without an agent?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you can save money on your next home purchase by working with a broker that offers commission rebates to clients.

The internet allows many home buyers to search for homes by themselves without the help of a Realtor. Many home buyers today do all of the work searching for a home to buy without the help of a real estate agent. If you found the New Jersey home of your dreams then we may be able to offer you a percentage of the buyer’s broker commission rebated back to you at closing. Call us at (908) 444-0533 to find out more.

To receive the commission rebate you have to chose a broker that is willing to rebate part of the broker’s commission back to you. Keep in mind that we can only work with clients that are not already working with a real estate agent or broker. If you will be looking at homes on your own, please call us FIRST so that you can be sure you will be working with a broker that is willing to provide a home buyer commission rebate.

The easiest way to make sure you will be able to receive the commission rebate is to contact us to find out how we can work with you. Protect your rebate by making sure the broker you are working with can offer you a rebate. In the past home buyers have lost out on a rebate because they asked a broker/agent who does not offer rebates to show them a property.

If you are purchasing a new home in a new development, do not go to see the development without at least speaking to us to make sure you do not lose out on any available rebates. Many builders require the agent to accompany the buyers on their first visit to the development or they will not pay the buyer’s broker a commission. Consequently we will not be able to provide a commission rebate.

Below is an example of how the New Jersey home buyer rebate works.

1. Sign a buyer rebate agreement with your broker. Find the home you would like to buy by searching online or visiting open houses and then call us with the address of the home you are interested in.

2. Make a reasonable offer to buy the home and have the offer accepted by the seller.

3. Close on the home and receive a percentage of our commission rebated to you. The commission percentage rebated to the buyer will be lower for lower priced homes. The commission rebate percentage will be determined based on the price of the home and the commission split being offered to the buying agent.

Example: If you close on a $600,000 home and the commission split to the buyer’s agent is 3 percent of the sale price ($18,000), you can receive up to $9,000 back at closing. ($18,000 X 50% = $9,000)

If you do not have an agent yet, contact us to find out how to save thousands of dollars depending on the price of the home and the commission split being offered by the selling broker.

Homes above $500K are eligible for a 50% commission rebate to the home buyer.


In New Jersey all commissions are negotiable. The purchaser is obligated to pay any applicable taxes for receipt of the rebate. Consult your tax and legal professional regarding any tax implications of receiving a buyer rebate.


Any savings referenced are not guaranteed and assume a comparison to a broker charging a higher fee.

For more information regarding rebates see NJ Rebates Of Real Estate Commissions Bulletin 10-03 to all New Jersey real estate licensees.

Rebates of Real Estate Commissions Bulletin 10-03 February 5, 2010

NJ Dept of Banking – Feb. 5, 2010 – Rebates of Real Estate Commissions – Bulletin 10-03

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